The bridge between Europe and Asia

This is how my homeland of Turkey is often described.

Funnily enough, this is almost how I’d describe my life and work as a professional English-to-Turkish translator. Working between English and Turkish, it is my job, too, to bridge the gap of culture and understanding.

Indeed, I’m forever crossing that gap – not just metaphorically, but physically, too, in the form of regular stays of a month or more back in my old hometown of Istanbul. Doing this ensures I stay in touch with the Turkish language and culture, as well as developments in Turkey, while still working and living an active life in the UK.

What my clients say

One of a kind

With my home and office in England, close connections in Italy, and family in Turkey, I have strong links to the cultures and languages I work with.

This ongoing contact with these cultures has allowed me to hone and maintain my ability to translate English and Italian words, concepts, ideas and cultural specificities in a way that remains highly relevant and attractive to a Turkish audience. My words resonate with readers, maximising your success on the Turkish market.

Back to my roots

Growing up in a multilingual family where both Armenian and Turkish were spoken in the home, I developed a natural love of languages. Taking a BA in Italian Language and Literature was the natural next step – and modules in translation first sparked my interest in the field. That is when I took my first dive into professional translation, working part-time at an established translation agency in Istanbul.

Upon graduation, I transitioned to become a full-time in-house English-to-Turkish translator and project manager. I also provided IT support and training in technical skills to my colleagues.

It was here I developed my specialisation in translating legal, technical and marketing texts into Turkish. In response to a budding need within the company, I also helped the company to modernise its software systems and trained my colleagues and supervisors on their use.

In 2013, I passed my Diploma in Translation with the British Chartered Institute of Linguists in advance of my relocation to the UK. I now provide my translation services to clients just as before, except now I’ve exchanged the backdrop of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque for the decidedly more British Canterbury Cathedral.


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